Whom Do You Turn To? | #MyFridayStory No. 82

Whom Do You Turn To? | #MyFridayStory No. 82

I did research for an article I was writing on who entrepreneurs, directors and decision makers, turn to in the event of a crisis. The results revealed executives turn to a variety of different people, depending on factors such as the severity of the crisis, or whether it involved an employee or a manager. Some would look to their mentors or business partners for guidance, while others turned to their spouse when faced with a serious challenge. Business coaches also featured on the list of the go-to person for stressed-out C-Suite folks. A handful said they prefer to process the problem and find a solution themselves.

As children, we instinctively turn to our mothers when we get hurt and need comfort. Although you could argue that behaviour is a combination of nurture and nature, it is evident that mothers play an important role when it comes to showing compassion for their children. As expected, there is a difference in whom boys turn to compared to girls, and it also depends on what the crisis is. For issues related to relationships whether it’s with another boy or girl, girls tended to turn to their mothers. The next highest respondents said they would ask a best friend for advice.

Many successful entrepreneurs practice mindfulness to gain control and ‘centre’ themselves. Having a strong mind and being in control of our emotional intelligence (EQ – how we respond to a crisis,) we can respond with insight and foresight. If you are spiritual or religious, chances are you would turn to your minister, imam, priest, rabbi or pastor for guidance during a time of turmoil.

You would have been through or are currently going through a crisis. I can say this because it is a human fact that we will all encounter crises in our lives. Not preparing for them is both naïve and short-sighted. Life dishes everyone their fair share of disappointments and challenges. How we choose to respond to these problems determines defeat or victory. Knowing whom to turn to for advice and counselling can prepare you to navigate through life’s dire straits.

I was in my final year studying civil engineering on a bursary when I realised, I had no passion for the field. Around the time I had this epiphany, an opportunity came up to go into business with a friend, who was opening a bakery. Leaving my studies would mean paying back the full bursary. But a far bigger concern for me was how to share the news with my parents. I knew they wanted me to graduate and build a successful career, how can I let them down?

I met with my minister to get advice on how to approach this delicate situation. His advice was simple and genius. He explained that this was not the end of a chapter, but the beginning of a twist in the plot. The new position presented other, better opportunities that were not there before. Armed with this insight, I spoke to my parents. When they heard about my choice and the reasoning, they were delighted at the new opportunities that lay ahead.

Whether we are going through a divorce or diagnosed with a serious medical condition, or if you have a child suffering from addiction, or you’re recently retrenched, or unemployed for some time, or suffered the loss of a loved one, whatever challenge you are facing today, may you have someone dear and caring to turn to.

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