The Fine Golden Thread of Love | #MyFridayStory No. 71

The Fine Golden Thread of Love | #MyFridayStory No. 71

Valentine’s Day may have made you pause to think about, ‘Love?’

For some people, love is best described as a feeling of deep attachment and affection to someone, like between a mother and her child. For others, love can also be the love one has for a family dog or maybe, the love of soccer. And then there is the love of a more romantic nature, called eros in Greek – from where the word ‘erotic’ is derived – would be familiar to others.

Another Greek word for love (or one of the many), is agápē The term, widely used in a biblical context, refers to, ‘The love of God for man, and of man for God.’ A selfless, charitable love.

So, we have a love that fits for family, there’s love for our fellow humans, for our pets, our favourite sports, and for our beliefs and principles. And there’s also the love of religious beliefs, or the love of God.

We can all agree that each person will have a different interpretation of love. Love poses itself in various forms and guises, and our feelings will vary, sometimes wildly, depending on the situation or the context. But we all have the capacity to love.

I believe every person has hidden deep within them, a Fine Golden Thread of Love; and it is alive as long as we are breathing. You can ‘tap into’ The Fine Golden Thread of Love at any time you like, so long as you are aware that it exists. The people that are dark on the inside, they struggle to see the fine golden thread. It is there, as it is with everyone.

Agape Love, the kind of brotherly love that breeds kindness and compassion, is arguably the kind the world is crying out for the most today. People who experience a lack of love, often experience deteriorated health and have lower immune systems. Studies have proven a direct link between depression and a lack of love from others. Babies that are not given adequate love and contact, develop at a slower pace than those that are cuddled and loved.

When you tap into The Fine Golden Thread of Love, you experience the awesome feeling from placing another human’s happiness above your own. Being willing to be vulnerable, to be the lesser, takes courage. And that courage and strength can be found in The Fine Golden Thread of Love.

The Fine Golden Thread of Love teaches us to respect each other, to commit to caring and helping one another, and to do so without seeking any benefit. But, as you know, there is a benefit.

The reciprocal feeling of love you get from giving love.

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