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Posted by | 09/04/2021
Let it Flow | #MyFridayStory No. 183

“My Cuzzins, I’m ‘tuning you straight… the sheriff has been ‘round to my pozie so many times, my kids think John Wayne* is still alive!” ~ Barry Hilton, Runway Bar, Airport Holiday...

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Posted by | 19/03/2021
Why You Should #LeapFirst | #MyFridayStory No. 180

Start. That is the advice I got from my good friend and mentor 20 years ago. He was imploring me not to procrastinate but to act immediately, even if it...

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Posted by | 13/10/2017
On Being an Artist | #MyFridayStory No. 1

Not only the artist that makes music, or paints, sculpts, designs and builds, but every person that has ever made themselves vulnerable, understands what it takes to be an artist....

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