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Posted by | 02/04/2021
The 1 and The 99 | #MyFridayStory No. 182

Sometimes you’re in the group of “1” other times, you’re in the “99” group. From a young age, I heard the parable of the shepherd and his lost sheep. I...

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Posted by | 18/12/2020
When Vanity Became a Virtue | #MyFridayStory No. 167

It’s a choice to be ambivalent about the motives of vanity. Fortunately, we humans are complex and although we are similar, we’re also very different. You are born with such...

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Posted by | 06/11/2020
Is it Worth the Trouble? | #MyFridayStory No. 161

You will rarely catch me watching TV, reading fiction, or chewing bubble-gum. They don’t seem worth the trouble. Most things in life that need effort are worth the trouble. I enjoy...

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Posted by | 09/10/2020
What I Lost in Pursuit of Happiness – Part 1 | #MyFridayStory No. 157

“Striving to find meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man” (Viktor Frankl 1992) The title could have been, “What I gained in pursuit of happiness” but for me, the essence lies...

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