Say it Now, it’s Never too Soon | #MyFridayStory No. 166

Say it Now, it’s Never too Soon | #MyFridayStory No. 166

“To my Kids and Grandkids,

I want to appeal to you all, ‘Please make wise decisions in your life.’

Think before you buy something. Do you need it? Is it necessary? Can you afford it? Will it still be that ‘needed’ or special tomorrow? Could you do without it right now and maybe not need it at all? Will it increase in value…I mean, will it bring joy and happiness for a long time to come, not only for you but for others too?

You must realise that ‘stuff’ is not what makes a person happy. It’s your heart. Your value lies in your vulnerability and being generous towards other people.

Change people’s lives by being a better you. Make people feel special in any way you can. If you look hard enough, everyone has a quality that you could make a fuss about. Do it, it will give them an unexpected lift for the day. Take time when you greet people. Find out how they are doing and wait for a response.

Be interested – it makes you interesting.

Share stories and jokes; people love laughing. If you can bring laughter to any situation that needs it, you have made a difference.

Save up and make time for regular escapes away from wherever you are. It doesn’t matter how far away you go, just so long as you do. There are places that you can go to that you will know God is speaking to you. Places like this place. Go recharge your batteries. Get closer to Him through thought, prayer, and meditation.

Listen when He speaks to you.

Listening is not just hearing; you must understand and act.

On that note, remember, you have two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you speak. Good listeners are rare. People love to share stories about their lives, thoughts, and ideas. It is a wonderful source of endless information if you can learn the art of listening. Even if you are thinking of speaking, it means you are not listening, so listen carefully.

Carry a notebook.

You will be able to write down your thoughts and ideas on the go. I’ve been using a Moleskine for 20 years – it’s a dear friend! If you have heard something interesting or that you would like to remember, or find out more about the subject, jot it down. It will be the best trick you have ever learned if you can do this. We all think, ‘I’ll remember this later,’ or, ‘There is no way I will forget this idea!’ You will. And you will kick yourself for it. Jot it down.

Read good informative books and articles. Read lots of them. They will keep your mind active and alert. If you must read ‘bubble-gum books,’ make sure they are fun – Archie and Asterix are awesome!

Most of all, stay as you are and be true to yourself. Being comfortable in your ‘own skin’ is such a refreshing and admirable quality.

The authentic ‘you’ is enough.

I love you more than you know.

Your Pops & Poops”

(Slightly adapted from the original written in a Moleskine on the banks of the Tugela River at Zingela Safari & River Company in The Zulu Kingdom – 30 September 2009)

Have an awesome weekend and please remember to be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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