Life’s Lessons | #MyFridayStory No. 47

Life’s Lessons | #MyFridayStory No. 47

I guess becoming a grandparent might have something to do with my recent epiphany, but I am better for having had it.

I’ve had a few weeks for my emotions to settle down and to allow reality to set in. Actually, I am not settled, I cried last night watching him sleep! But, it seems the arrival of the next generation of our clan, has unlocked another dimension to my psyche. It is a little confusing to me still, and I’m not 100% sure of everything, and I’m okay with that.

I am aware that ‘all will be revealed, in good time.’

In the meantime, what I epitheted made a whole lot of stuff suddenly become clear, after not revealing itself for over a quarter of a century. The love I have for my children, biological and non, seems to have come full-circle, with the introduction of the next generation. And the love extends to my children without kids. And even further, to other family members and friends. This amazing experience, as I have ‘now’ been told by other grandparents, is miraculous. I say, ‘now’ because, I don’t recall any grandparent warning me, or prepping me, for what was coming.

I have been speaking to a lot of other grandparents lately. Long standing grandparents and those that are new to the club. I chastise each one for not having warned me for what was coming. And after chatting for a while, I have come to realise that what I went through, every grandparent goes through. And they all go on to give me advice and words of encouragement, but most say, “You are going to enjoy this!”

Grandparents are supposed to be wiser and should offer good advice to their grandkids. And mostly, that is the case. Grandparents are wiser through experience, or as some call it, ‘Life’s lessons.’ But giving advice to your grandchild is no guarantee that they will take the advice. Surely, someone actually doing as you suggest, and coming out the other side better for it, should be celebrated? Unfortunately, that is not usually the case.

As a child, I chose not to take some of my parents’ advice. Without exception, and in each case, I failed spectacularly. And as a parent myself, I continued not to take my parents advice. And still, I failed each time. As my children grew older, the failures never stopped. And they still continue today – all due to me not listening to my parents.

I call these, ‘Life’s lessons.’

I was fortunate that I took more of my folks advice than I didn’t, and was blessed to always manage to get back up.

My epiphany?

My children are a better version of me through the life lessons I had to learn. They saw the results of not listening to good advice, and have made wiser choices in their lives. I see my grandchildren growing up and learning from the best – those that have witnessed and overcome life’s lessons.

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