Jumping Over Your Own Shadow | #MyFridayStory No. 173

Jumping Over Your Own Shadow | #MyFridayStory No. 173

Visualise a person jumping over their own shadow. It might seem doable. Try doing it yourself and you’ll realise it’s impossible. A similar and equally vivid metaphor is, “Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” Both phases speak of overcoming something unsurmountable.

A previous minister in our church, Andre Agenbach often used the concept in his sermons. The visual image of standing bent over to lift your body off the ground using your bootlaces, is almost unsettling. You can feel the tension and the desperation in the act. You want to believe if you try hard enough, it’s possible to lift yourself off the ground. Perpetual motion of sorts.

As impossible as it is to achieve either of these suggested acts of courage, the challenge is to try.

Life can call upon you to take up this challenge. To dig deeper than you have before. To cross bridges you hoped you would never have to cross. To muster the strength and will power to go further and longer than you thought you ever could.

When life calls upon you to do the seemingly impossible, you are forced to believe in the impossible.

In a time as unprecedented as the world finds itself in today, widespread hardship and struggle are touching every person. There is no question of the devastating economic fallout for many countries, South Africans are in a worse situation. Learning to pull yourself up by your bootlaces and jumping over your own shadow is the only way to survive the future.

The people of The Old Testament endured a long period of harsh slavery and oppression. Their fate was sealed. They were doomed to a life under the yoke of an oppressive and cruel ruler. But they never gave up hope and believed they would be free one day. They trusted God to repeal their death sentence. The days were dark, and the nights were long, but they never stopped praying, hoping, trusting, and believing that the light would eventually come.

There are times in life that we are called to do the impossible.

This is such a time.

What was impossible yesterday, is possible today.

Get outside and jump over your own shadow. Bend over and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Pick yourself up and let’s go!

There’s a way to make the impossible possible. Start by doing what others are not doing that you wish they were. Like being nice to one another. Not a fake or “plastic” nice, but an authentic, genuine, interested, concerned and caring nice.

Show more empathy.

There is a lot of room for more empathy. Every person faces their challenges and those of the world in their own way. There is never a moment where empathy would not smooth away some of their pain and suffering.

What if being generous, kind, compassionate and caring to one another is the most possible impossible thing we can do today?

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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