Hiring Right | #MyFridayStory No. 15

Hiring Right | #MyFridayStory No. 15

I have been hiring people for the past 30 years.

I’ve hired shop-assistants, electricians, cashiers, chefs, consultants, managers and a host of others. I can’t accurately estimate how many candidates I have interviewed in this time. I’m guessing it’s close to 1000. That’s a few thousand resumes I have read and glossed over.

I’m no expert at hiring, but all this recruitment activity has taught me a few things.

Resumes suck at telling you the stuff you really need to know to hire someone. Let’s be honest, an honest CV?

A resume is however, a way to show you care. A professional photo, correct spelling, a compelling story and consistent look, are all great at showcasing your professional personality.

Sometimes, the unlikeliest candidate will step up and surprise your socks off. You can’t foresee these wizards. Even hindsight won’t reveal anything you may have missed. But when they do happen, everyone rejoices!

Recruiting isn’t about throwing brown stuff onto the wall and whatever sticks, stays. Hiring anyone but the right person for the position, should never be negotiable. ‘Bums-on-seats’ is bad for everyone – everyone loses.

There are more people in the wrong job than there are people in the job they love. This is one of the saddest truths and one that I cannot understand. When people hate what they do, but they stay where they are. 

You’re not a tree.

Most people want to do a worthwhile day’s work, everyday. Provide a clear vision of a better tomorrow, and good people will support you. People work for a purpose beyond financial gain. When you understand that, you start to understand how to treat them like people.

“Catching people doing things right,” is a sure way of continually doing so. Ken Blanchard coined that phase many years ago and it still holds true, maybe even more so today! Trusting the people you hire, is a no-brainer.

I have been fortunate to have been involved in hiring some amazing people over the years. It is both a privilege, a pleasure, and a responsibility.

Hiring right shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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