DO Sweat the Small Stuff | #MyFridayStory No. 17

DO Sweat the Small Stuff | #MyFridayStory No. 17

You may have heard of or even have a copy of the great self-help book written by Dr Richard Carlson, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” Many people came to realise that only the really big problems are worth worrying about, and even then, as he so wisely puts it, “It’s all small stuff!”

On certain Virgin Atlantic business class flights, well-heeled travelers are treated to some of the most outstanding in-flight service available on any international airline. The food is gourmet stuff! The cutlery and crockery are made from material that cutlery and crockery should be made of – stainless steel and glass! But there are subtle (and not so subtle) nuances that make the experience all the more memorable. They will get you talking to friends and family for long after you have managed to re-pay your credit card, for the pleasure of having had such an experience.

Accompanying each meal are little airplane-shaped salt and pepper shakers that would look great on any breakfast, lunch or dinner table. They are small enough to slip into your jacket pocket or into your overnight or toiletry bag. It seems Virgin Atlantic actually anticipated that you might do just that!

Embossed on the base of each little plane-shaker are the words,

“Pinched from Virgin Atlantic!”

Now that’s “Sweating the small stuff” for a tiny fraction of the cost of the plane ticket!

It is when we have received a little more than we expected, something that was not promised, that we are thrilled by the experience.

So, DO sweat the small stuff. Because being memorable is worth it

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