Distilling the Essence | #MyFridayStory No. 90

Distilling the Essence | #MyFridayStory No. 90

When I think of ‘distilling the essence’ I imagine a single drop of nutmeg oil being squeezed from a dry nutmeg seed.

As a first step when onboarding a new client, we plan a strategy together with the senior team. Everyone agrees to the outcome and its execution. As part of the process, we spend time on defining the client’s goals and objectives. Together, we establish all aspects of the brand, for example, their unique advantages over the competition; their values and principles; and we ask why people chose them? Much of this process is to find what makes the brand ‘tick?’ What, in as few words as possible, says it all?

We call it:

Distilling the Essence of the Brand.

The value of such a process has long-term benefits for the company. Once you have distilled the essence of what your company is about, how it behaves, what it will stand for, what not, and what is the one single goal of the business, it creates immense focus. Such a focus can highlight flaws and snags and help make the operation flow smoother. The focus ensures everyone is pulling in the exact same direction on all fronts of the business. It’s powerful when a company has all its people on board, shooting for a common, fulfilling goal.

In distilling the essence of life, what would be the process? Many of the great ancient Greek and Roman philosophers wrestled with the question: What is the essence of life? PlatoAristotle and Socrates all had varying views. From finding the purpose of life to living a good life with a well-ordered soul, no clear consensus exists. Philosophy scholars have enough material to postulate for some time.

When you distil the essence of life, what do you get? When that one drop has been squeezed out, thick with DNA, what does it say life is all about? To find the answer, each person needs to map and follow their own path. In searching for the answer, many other questions will be answered. And questions that weren’t ever asked, will be answered before they are asked. But some questions remain unanswered. Some for days, months, or even years. Some, you never find the answer.

Regardless of what school of philosophy, be it Stoic, Cynic, Skeptic or Neo-Platonism, the answer lies somewhere on the axis of our horizontal and vertical lives. Our horizontal life exists on earth in its physical form. Our vertical lif is the soul and life that is within us. Our challenge is to find the Origin, the balance, where those two axes cross.

The distilled essence of life could be happiness. Being happy is being in a state of balance. Being happy is simple, it’s basic, and anyone can do it. Of course, not all the time, I agree. But most of the time, we could choose to be happy.

I encourage you to find the distilled essence of your brand and to life, they are both worthwhile journeys.

Have an awesome weekend!

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