Child of the Earth | #MyFridayStory #172

Child of the Earth | #MyFridayStory #172

You can spot an Earth Child when you observe kids playing in a group.

They are the curious ones. They’re the ones who’d rather play outside than be in front of a screen. All nature is their playground. Whether it’s a tiny back yard or the vast expanse of the Kalahari, they find something to delight in. Their thirst for knowledge and understanding is insatiable. They never stop being in awe at the sight of the moon. Their nature, or character, is generous and loving, not ugly or selfish. Children of the Earth can display these traits and signs from an early age, even from a few weeks old.

Children of the Earth are rare.

Few fit the mould. Being scarce can make them appear odd or weird to the rest of us. They enjoy being on the margin. The fringe is where they flourish and blossom. It is where they can be their authentic self, without prejudice. And it’s when they feel safe, that they reveal their inner beauty to those who care enough. Taking the time to get to know an Earth Child is worth the effort.

The reward is a sincere friendship, a deep bond.

There is no secret formula or predetermined genetic combination that can guarantee to produce an Earth Child. Friends of mine over 21 years ago were blessed with triplet babies—two girls and a boy. As they went from babies to toddlers, it became clear that the boy was the Earth Child out of the three. My one Sister has four daughters, one is an Earth Child. Finding one Earth Child is special. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by them!

My Grandson is an Earth Child.

He prefers outdoors to indoors, rain or shine. He is curious about spiders and crawly creatures. He stops to smell every flower or blossom, and the weeds. He is in awe of the sight of the moon, even during the daytime. At night, he insists on going outside to gaze at the moon and the stars, to marvel at its gloriousness. He confidently struts around the neighbourhood in search of the neighbour’s cat to coo and fuss over her. Bumblebees, honeybees, and spiders are revered but not feared. Walking into the smallest veld is like a safari adventure to him. He will lead the way into the “bush”, stopping to inspect anything from a fallen down tree to an old cooldrink bottle.

This is how an Earth Child would rather spend their day.

There is more to a Child of the Earth than an attraction to nature and the outdoors. They are in touch with their inner self. They have a connectedness to living both a horizontal and a vertical life. They can expertly balance the act of having your feet firmly planted on the earth—being of service to their fellow humans and having a constant gaze heavenward—serving the God who made it all.

If you know a Child of the Earth, maybe you are lucky like me to know a few, you have felt the love they radiate. You will have experienced their zest for life, their massive capacity to bring joy to those around them. Children of the Earth bring a tiny slice of heaven to live among us and remind us of a greater future that lies ahead. They teach us to keep our eyes fixed with a heavenly gaze for the answers we seek, while keeping our feet planted on Earth, doing the work that needs doing.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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