Blooming Late | #MyFridayStory No. 143

Blooming Late | #MyFridayStory No. 143

Is there merit to being patient, to wait for something special?

When I was a young boy, I’d stand outside the toy shop window with my hands cupped so I can see in, dreaming of owning the shiny toys. My Parents were hardworking folk that knew the value of money and knew the value of love. They gave us four children more than our fair share of the latter. The former was scarce, and we knew not to ask for something unless it was needed.

I remember as a teenager wanting my own ice skates. For some time, I had been ice skating using the hired ice skates from the ice rink. They hired out an ugly brown figure-skates with the teeth on the tip of the blade. All the cool kids had high-end branded ice-hockey skates. I asked my Parents if I could get a pair for my birthday. I had my eye on a pair of Bauer Pepsi-Cola Ice Hockey Boots.

My Mom and Dad agreed to get me a pair of boots but said I would have to choose a pair that cost a lot less. Although my heart sank at not getting my dream pair, having my own pair of ice-hockey skates meant the world to me. I treasured and looked after those boots because I understood the sacrifice my Parents had to make to get them for me. Every pair of soccer and rugby boots were treated with the same respect for the same reason.

Delaying gratification, having to wait patiently for something, especially something of great value to you, helps you to appreciate it so much more.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned to be patient. Patience is only possible if you have hope and trust for the outcome. Having Parents that taught me the value of material things, that they are not abundant, helped me to also practice patience in other areas of my life.

Being raised in a home where family values and respect were foundations, my Parents instilled strong religious principles in us four children. My Parents were great role models. They showed us through their actions and their words what love between two people should look like. My Dad taught me how to treat and respect women through his example. My Mom showed me how women like to be treated and respected by men.

My Parents were married for 60 loving years.

I lost my ‘virginity’ later than most men. I was 21 and it was to the woman I married. As a young boy, I knew I wanted to ‘save’ myself for the woman I marry. There were temptations and opportunities prior, that I resisted. I knew I had to be patient and the right woman and time would arrive.

After dating for a few years, we married on her 21st birthday.

A few years into our marriage, we had our first child, a Son. Two years later our Daughter was born. I tried to impart the same value of patience to them. If there was something that they desperately wanted, they would have to work towards getting it. Having regard for the value of material things and the sacrifices to get them, my children are careful and respectful of their things.

Having the patience to wait for something, especially something of great value, as the saying goes, is a virtuous act.

Maybe that’s what blooming late is?

Have an awesome weekend keep safe! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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