Beyond Privilege | # MyFridayStory No. 208

Beyond Privilege | # MyFridayStory No. 208

What would you do with a second chance?

Having another shot at getting something right is a privilege. Second chances are proof that God loves us. Few things go right the first time for us humans, trying again is imperative for our progress. It’s in failing that we learn—having another go is how we grow.

There are times when getting it right the first time can make all the difference. But though we try, life doesn’t work out as neatly. Marriages fail, homes broken, children hurt. Academic dreams shattered, businesses go bankrupt, people retrenched.

It is only when we stop to look back that we notice how many plans never worked out the way we thought they would. Few do, and they are not the ones we remember as being significant. It is where we have tried and tried again where we gain the most knowledge.

I thought I was being careful, thoughtful, balanced, and informed when I was younger. I dated for 4 years before getting engaged and got married a year later. We waited another 3 years before having children. When my ex-wife fell pregnant with our Son, I went out and bought a dozen books on babies, child-rearing, and parenting. I wanted to know everything about giving my children the best upbringing possible.

I never believed I’d ever get divorced. To me, my marriage was my foundation, we were in it forever, no matter what. After 17 years of marriage, my kids were now raised in a broken home. All the books and reading in the universe can’t prepare you for that. My kids suffered tremendously under the new conditions, the disruption in the schooling was evident. We took them for counselling, but the damage seemed done.

The single most impactful message I received was from a talk by John R. Powers called Even Sparrows can Soar. It had such an immediate influence, I went out and bought the video. For many years, I used it to inspire and motivate my team about the beauty of life. The message is simple, humorous, balanced, and memorable.

While John was growing up, his grandfather lived with them. He speaks highly of his grandfather who dispensed pearls of wisdom with a wicked humorous twist. What struck me was how fortunate the grandfather is to be around his grandkids every day. To have a positive influence on their lives. To have a second chance.

My first chance at getting things right might not have worked out exactly as I planned. I’m privileged to have a second chance. My Daughter and I live with my Son and his little family. Having them around daily is a blessing I could never have dreamt of for myself. And the chance to bond every day with my Grandson is beyond a privilege. I could not be happier and more content.

Like John quips, you don’t always have to soar like an eagle, sparrows can soar too.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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