Being in the Moment | #MyFridayStory No. 199

Being in the Moment | #MyFridayStory No. 199

What happens when we die?

I always thought when we die, we’ll know everything that people did to us, and everything we did to other people. The truth will be revealed. The nuances of situations—the betrayals behind closed doors, seemingly innocent white-lies, hidden jealousy, secretly envying more, greed and power lurking as the agenda. Also laid bare to see and absorb is all the good that was done. People that helped you without you knowing. When things were said—by you and to you—what’s the meaning and intention.

There is a reckoning to look out for.

When you live life knowing, “All will be revealed”, your purpose changes.

Although we’re all going to fail at being a perfect person, it becomes easier to pursue when your heart is in transparent mode.” Aiming to have no secrets or ill intentions helps to clear your mind of clutter to focus on being a blessing. Being in the moment clears the space for keen awareness. Being in the moment allows the mental space needed to consider your intentions.

Making “now” the most important thing in your life and opening your mind to being a blessing, how can you make a mistake? You can only do what is right and fair. There’s a kind of comfort knowing I’m going to face everyone I did wrong—intentional or not—to feel the pain and hurt I inflicted on them. Emotionally, physically, psychologically—I’ll know the impact of my actions on the rest of their life.

My Dad was born and raised on a farm in a small dusty town in the Kalahari. My Mom was born and raised on a farm in the Northern Cape. It’s always wonderful to visit my family from the platteland. The folks that light up to see you, and greet you with deep, genuine love you can feel. Women that work harder than most and are still able to look gorgeous in a plain dress. Men with rough hands with a grasp like a monkey-wrench, and read from the Bible and pray to start each day.

People that come from similar roots have similar views. South Africans are notoriously friendly as a nation, but people from the platteland—anywhere—are the most hospitable. There seems to be resilience to their ability to face and overcome challenges. The saying, ’n Boer maak ‘n plan,” is testimony to their legendary courage. There’s a nice Afrikaans word that describes this characteristic: deursettingsvermoë – doggedness; perseverance; persistence; persistency; push.

Folks from the platteland know how to be in the moment. They are forthright and open with their intentions. There’s no malice in their intentions as their love of God won’t allow them to slip. Their approach is to be of help, to lend a hand, to be a blessing. Their approach is to make your day better for encountering them. My Dad and Mom both had the same loving characteristic. Being in the moment for them meant preparing and cooking meals together. My Dad and Mom practised the act of washing each other’s feet. Their appreciation of life is at its simplest. Spending time with family and friends, with love for their neighbour and love for God.

I can’t wait to see them to find out all the other ways they loved me that I never knew.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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