Authenticity is a Superpower | #MyFridayStory No. 100

Authenticity is a Superpower | #MyFridayStory No. 100

It’s becoming difficult to discern between what is true or real and what is false or fake.

Today, there is everything from fake news and fake brands, to fake political parties with fake agendas. Areas that were sacrosanct in the past and could be trusted, such as news reporting, or statements from government officials, today are met with suspicion and mistrust. Counterfeit products are so abundant, it’s as if normal folks are oblivious to the ethical breach when purchasing them?

Considering the advancements in 3D printing and the technological breakthroughs in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, duplicating or mimicking an existing product, service and person, is now easier than ever before. Using an excerpt of a human’s voice speaking in English, artificial intelligence can now create a complete vocabulary in Chinese, that will sound exactly like that person, right down to their accent.

Luxury goods have long been targeted by counterfeit fraudsters due to their higher than normal profit margins. But, due to apathy on the part of authorities and a lack of ethics on the part of consumers, the proliferation of counterfeit goods is booming. From toys and books to handbags and watches, no product is off-limits.

Amidst the abundance of fauxauthenticity is a superpower.

Both brands and people benefit out of being true to themselves. And although you might argue that most people and brands try to behave in an authentic manner, often the opposite is true. We put up a front or a façade of what we want the world to see. An infallible and perfect person (or brand) without any faults or flaws.

Being authentic means owning your flaws and your brokenness and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, ‘as you are.’ Being open-minded and willing to be wrong and to change your opinion, are prerequisites for being authentic. Authentic people hold themselves responsible for their actions. They are willing to stand up for their morals, values and principles. They hold themselves and their word in high regard. They will gracefully say sorry and apologise when they are wrong. Authentic folks display higher levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) due to their ability to ‘put themselves in the other person’s shoes.’

A brand is loved for repeatedly and consistently sticking to its promise. This is also true for people. Although being authentic can be difficult and takes effort, it can be done. Here are a few thoughts.

Deciding not to contribute to ‘in-authentic’ is a great first step. Treat all people with kindness and love. Keep an open mind for other points of view and possibilities. Be grateful for everything you have. Be humble, lose the ego. Listen to people intently when they speak. Take care of women and children. Always be willing to learn. Be the one to start.

Authenticity is the new Superpower!

Have an awesome weekend! 😄

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