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Calling all ambitious business leaders with an appetite for growth...

Leap First is a marketing agency specialising in prospecting for the attention of people interested in what you have to say. We work with companies with an appetite for growth. We’re your strategic part-time-marketing-division helping you grow your brand and increase sales using our bespoke Eyedropper approach.

We work with ambitious business leaders wanting to shake things up in their industry

Our Services

Marketing Strategy

Increase your brand profile with a winning strategy by finding your own unique voice and brand personality.

Media Planning

Breathe life into your strategy with a solid game plan. We take action to ensure top brand visibility and deliverables.

Digital Marketing

Instantly connect with the right people through digital platforms. Engage and connect with people just like you.

Lead Generation

Increase your pipeline of qualified prospects in one giant leap with our bespoke  Eyedropper process. As experts in using branding to drive revenue, the Leap First approach is guaranteed to succeed.

Market Research

Research is key to finding the right people to connect with your product or service. Entertain, educate and engage with new and existing audiences.

Content Creation

We create content that resonates with your chosen audience for all digital campaigns, from the written word to audio visual magic. Content is King.

Need New Qualified Prospects? Ask The LinkedIn Marketing Experts!

About Leap First

Frans has been assisting his clients for over 30 years to build memorable brands. Whatever you may need from a strategic marketing perspective, he can assist. From a complete brand overhaul to simple brand face-lifts—he can help. He’s done legendary marketing campaigns and spectacular events, he can it for your company. Together with his team, they provide comprehensive management of all your digital and social media elements. If it is world-class creative design, advertising or copy-writing to stellar web development that you need, they can assist.

Frans has worked with well-known brands in both the B2B and B2C sectors, in products and services. From large financial service providers to boutique hotel schools, his experience in the medium to large markets give him the edge.

Frans uses LinkedIn strategically and has for over 12 years with over 44 000 followers using the Leap First process. He assists B2B companies and business leaders to find qualified prospects and to increase their sales. His personalised service offering involves working directly with the business leader to ensure success.

The role of marketing is to create a fertile environment for a sale to take place. That’s what we help your brand do.

Be brave.

Leap First.


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